We all know that carefree holiday feeling, when we're the best version of ourselves and time just slips away. One more drink turns into a three rounds of margaritas; a final dip in the sea turns into a midnight swim. Ayla was made with those days in mind.

We wanted to create beachwear that gives women the confidence to throw themselves into whatever adventure comes their way. With super-soft fabrics (that are eco-friendly too) our bikinis are both comfortable and flattering. They come in sophisticated solids as well as fashion forward prints, with a range of cuts that can be mixed and matched according to your personal style, your destination or even your mood. We get that a good outfit can make a day that bit better, so we’ve designed high-waisted, loosely tailored trousers to transform our swimwear into a statement look.

About The Founders

More often than not, a holiday with Ayla’s founders involves a beach. For part-Trinidadian Kirsty Ames it’s the Caribbean; for Heidi Sommerau – who grew up in Hong Kong – it’s the secret shores of the Philippines. When Kirsty and Heidi travel they dive head-first into a destination, and their favourite days are ones that merge seamlessly with the night. Ayla has been created for women who, like them, have an insatiable appetite for travels that bring new experiences, opportunities and good times.