Print Stories 

Ayla was dreamed up on a trip to Trinidad – a rugged Caribbean island, famous for its lush rainforest, banana flowers and carnival parade. Our main print is an abstract work of art which brings the vibrant details of this island to life.

The thread that pulls our collection together, the Ochre print is sophisticated but playful, a classic with a twist. The circular shapes are a reminder to appreciate the little things in life, to be open to new experiences, and not to take anything too seriously.

Fabric Ethos 

Our resort wear is not meant to be thrown away at the end of the season; we want our outfits to see you through many adventures, not just one beach party. Ayla’s bikinis are made from Italian fabrics, using regenerated nylon made from recycled items like fishing nets. We’re working on getting the same sustainable credentials for our trousers.