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Our prints are inspired by the experiences and places that are meaningful to us. Our 2018 collection was inspired by Trinidad and Tobago, where Kirsty is from and for our new collection we looked to Heidi’s Japanese heritage.

S19 Inspiration

Our latest collection was inspired by The Taisho period in Japan, when Japanese culture became influenced by Western art and design. In particular the collection draws on women’s Kimonos which were adorned with striking prints to reflect the confidence and optimism of the time.

Midori: This print was inspired by the Red Crown Crane, a symbol of longevity and good luck in Japan. The brushstrokes that make up the Midori print were originally painted as part of the crane’s long feathery wings.

Hana: Our Hana print is an abstract interpretation of the Sakura flower, famously known as the Cherry Blossom. For a few weeks each spring, these flowers transform Japanese cities into a pink wonderland, creating one of the most spectacular sights in the world.

Morie: Inspired by never ending summer days, surrounded by white sand and turquoise sea, the Morie print features an amalgamation of different details that resemble a stripe but with far more imagination.

Sora: We looked to Summer’s bright blue sky to evolve our existing print in a new colourway.

S18 Inspiration

Ayla was dreamed up on a trip to Trinidad – a rugged Caribbean island, famous for its lush rainforest, banana flowers and carnival parade. Our Papaya and Coral prints are abstract work of art which brings the vibrant details of this island to life.

Ochre: The thread that pulls our collection together, the Ochre print is sophisticated but playful, a classic with a twist. The circular shapes are a reminder to appreciate the little things in life, to be open to new experiences, and not to take anything too seriously.

All of our prints are created bespokely for Ayla using water colours, by Eleni Malami.