Our Guide to Tulum

Tulum is one of those places that just oozes style. Facing the Caribbean sea, Tulum beach road is full of trendy restaurants and boutique hotels, all with laid back but impeccably chic design. With so many options, you will find yourself easily forgoing a change of outfit in favour of sitting on the beach, with another exquisitely crafted cocktail, watching the sun go down.

Tip: Lots of places in Tulum are cash only and most of the ATMs only dispense dollars so load up on pesos when you can.

Here are our favourite places to get carried away in Tulum

- DAY - 

Best for: Spending all day on the beach.
Eat: Classic Mixed Ceviche (our favourite of the trip) and Beer Battered Shrimp Tacos.
Wear: Arima Frill in Papaya with Ochre bottoms.
Our tip: New York’s Mulberry Project has a pop-up bar with a DJ on the beach.
Best for: Living it up at Pablo Escobar’s old mansion.
Drink/Eat: Pizza and Rosé.
Our Tip: Hang around long enough and you may get some free treats. We were given shots and little bottles of aloe vera. It’s like they read our minds..

Best for: An adventure to another beach away from the main Tulum beach stretch.
Eat/Drink: The Mixed Ceviche. It’s delicious and huge. The Spicy Frozen Margaritas are the best we had but watch out, they pack a punch.
Wear: Piparo Halter and Atlantic Blue bottoms.
Our Tip: After you have over indulged in fresh fish have a snooze in one of the hammocks next to your table. 

- Dusk - 

Best for: Sundowners on the beach. 
Drink: Aperol Spritz if you need a break from Margaritas (it may seem unlikely but it is possible).
Wear: Castara Bandeau in Coral with High-waisted Trousers in Ochre.
Our Tip: They do a great Happy Hour but if you just miss it sneakily ask your waiter to use the daytime tequila for a cheaper Margarita.
Best for: Pasta cravings and rustic greenhouse decor.
Drink: Tamarind Margarita.
Wear: A short wrap dress.
Our Tip: Arrive at dusk and have drinks or an early dinner. This place is gorgeous at Golden Hour.
Image: @anickawintle
Best for: Hanging with the cool kids. 
Drink: Icy Frezcal.
Wear: The Azure Castara bandeau with Cool Grey High-waisted Trousers.
Our Tip: It can be a bit tricky to get a space on the beach if your not staying here but the beach restaurant, La Popular, is great for a post- beach, pre-dinner drink.

- Night - 

Best for: Taking in natural surroundings from their incredibly crafted structure, built 39ft above the Mayan jungle.
Drink/Eat: Steak tacos and Mexican red wine. It’s pricey but the experience of dining in the treetops is worth it.
Wear: An elegant slip dress (& Other Stories dress shown)
Our Tip: Get there early and stake your claim in one of the nests for a drink. Take some photos (the place was made for it) but put your phone away when the sun sets and enjoy the real thing. If you are there at the right time of year their beach is one of the most popular turtle nesting areas as there is no artificial light. 


Taqueria La Eufemia

Best for: When you are in search of a laid back, fun spot with a great vibe.
Eat: Tacos for 30 pesos! And Jalapeño Poppers to start.
Wear: Your favourite denim shorts.
Our Tip: This place is buzzing day or night.  
Best for: The most delicious food in a completely sustainable restaurant.
Eat: Everything! The menu changes but the fish we had was incredible. Don’t forget to order sides, they are as good as the main thing.
Wear: Our High-waisted Trousers. They are great at covering up a full tummy.
Our Tip: Book ahead of time (this is one of the most hyped restaurants in Tulum) and bring cash! They really don’t accept card.
Best for: Drinks or dinner in the jungle.  Go on a Thursday if you want a party or book a candlelit dinner for two.  It works both ways.
Drink: Mezcal cocktails. We recommend the Gypsy Disco or Jungle Fever but they’re all delicious.
Wear: A crop top with our Sea Green High-waisted Trousers and gold hoops.
Our Tip: Check out the bathroom. It is one of the coolest we’ve seen.
Image:  @grupogitano

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