Ayla Swim Print StoriesOur prints are inspired by meaningful places and experiences from our lives. Each print is created bespoke for Ayla, using hand-painted water colours by Eleni Malami.

The Throwback Collection

The Throwback Collection was inspired by childhood photographs the co-founders found of themselves on the beach. Abstract shapes, ditsy florals, and bold clashes of colour - their 90's summer style had it all. Eleni was able to modernize these prints while keeping them fun. With their bright colours and playful shapes, they are designed to bring some youthful spirit back into summer.

The Jardinia Collection

The Jardinia collection was born out of the first lockdown when our sun-seeking was confined to England’s fields and gardens. Inspired by the diverse colours and textures that make Britain’s landscapes surprisingly exotic, the prints in this collection are based on plants and flowers that grow across the UK.

Wild flowers, bold poppies and get-lost-in-me meadows. This collection is about opening your eyes to the natural beauty found closer to home. Not just this year, but every year.

The Coral Collection

Sustainability has always been important to us, and we wanted to bring this life by celebrating the world’s coral reefs in The Coral Collection. We are constantly inspired by their explosive colour, flawless architecture and biological diversity – that’s why preventing their endangerment is a cause we care so much about.

For all the pieces in this collection, we will donate 1% of profits to Coral Guardian, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the regeneration of reefs around the world. For more information please visit their website

The Taisho Collection

We began with Heidi’s Japanese heritage as a source of inspiration for this collection and found ourselves exploring The Taisho period, when Japanese culture became influenced by Western art and design. During this era, Women's Kimonos featured striking combinations of prints to reflect the confidence and optimism of the time. We used the kimonos and Japanese symbols, like the Red Crowned Crane, as a starting point for these designs.

The Calypso Collection

The Calypso collection was inspired by Trinidad  – a rugged Caribbean island, known for its rainforest, banana flowers and infamous carnival parade. Once a year the whole country comes together to celebrate and shows the rest of the world how to party. We have had some of our best times together dressed up in brightly coloured costumes for Carnival so we chose to capture those memories in the prints for our first collection.