The swimwear in our Coral Collection and Jardinia Collection is made using Repreve® Nylon, created from 100% recycled materials. The Nylon is created using an energy and resource efficient process that saves the equivalent of 6 million gallons of gasoline each year.

Ayla Swim Repreve

Ayla Swim How to Care - Repreve


Swimwear from our Taisho and Calypso collection is made using ECONYL® regenerated nylon which is made from old fishing nets, carpets and other plastics that pollute the oceans and harm marine life. The waste is taken out of the sea and sorted in order to recover nylon which is regenerated to create swimwear fabric.

Ayla Swim Econyl

Ayla Swim - How to care Econyl


The versatile Seashell Sarong, Shirts and High-waisted Trousers from our Coral Collection are made of Cupro. Cupro is a sustainable fabric made from a by-product of the cotton process that would usually be thrown away. Produced in a closed loop process to minimise waste, it looks, feels and behaves just like silk. 

Ayla Swim Cupro Ayla Swim Cupro - How to Care


Our High-waisted Trousers, Mini Skirt and Frill Shorts from The Taisho and Coral Collection are made from Tencel™, created by eco-fabric pioneers Lenzing. Tencel™ is made by turning ethically sourced wood pulp into fibre in a process that uses far less energy and water than cotton. Although chemical solvents are required to make this happen, the solvents are continually recycled in a closed loop process to minimise harmful waste. The fabric itself is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Ayla Swim Tencel

Ayla Swim How to care - Tencel


The Pareo and Oversized Shirt from The Jardinia Collection are made from Linen which is well known for its' sustainability credentials. Every part of the Flax plant can be used so nothing goes to waste. It is resilient to tough growing conditions and needs very little water to prosper compared to other natural fibres.

Ayla Swim How to Care Linen

Ayla Swim How to care Linen


The Bucket Hat and Frill Shorts from our Jardinia Collection are made using Organic Cotton Twill. Certified by a third party that checks every step of the process, GOTS Organic Cotton is grown according to regulations that limit its’ environmental impact. Most importantly, the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers is avoided, leaving the soil healthy and the farmers who cultivate the crop safe from chemicals.

Ayla Swim Organic Cotton

Ayla Swim How to Care Organic Cotton